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This week, we're talking about Hedgehogs, and with good reason.  Why are we compelled to keep pets that can hurt us?  Why must we love as much as we do?  We don't have an answer, but we have a podcast.

The totally-100%-non-biased graph as promised that finally, once and for all establishes without a shadow of a doubt, what is quantitatively the best pet!

By the way, we know you disagree.  We'd love to know how exactly.  Facebook, e-mail, twitter, there's so many ways to tell us we're wrong.  If you're curious, here's how we came up numbers.  Companionship was averaged from a pretty small survery with 0 being the least emotionally available and 10 being the most.  Functionality was based off of how many tasks the pet can perform for you (guiding, herding, fiber, etc.) that will not lead to the pet's premature death (i.e. fighting, meat).  Finally, maintenance is based off of boarding/mat'l costs we found online.  Argue away gang!