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Rock Collections
Rock Collections

Hey, check out this cool rock we found! ... What's that you say, Rock? You have a podcast? It's just you and your funny friends talking about life and movies you like, and boy does it ever go off the rails?

Hey Rock - I really love that you express yourself. I know that non-professional podcasts can sometimes get a lot of eye rolls, and I bet you feel just like another rock on the ground, and why should anyone listen to what you have to say? - but I want you to know that it's great to make things, and even if the only people who listen to your show are the friends you make it with, that's still connection and creativity, and that's still special. The trick of the world is that every rock is special: they're all made in crazy ways and go on long journeys and, in the end, make up this beautiful wonderful thing we call Earth.

Unfortunately, the other trick of the world is that I don't have a ton of space for rocks that don't sparkle, or time for podcasts with poor audio quality. I'm sorry, I won't subscribe, and I won't add you to my rock collection. Know, though, that you are special, and I'm glad you're out here. <3

This week we talk about Rock Collections.