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Did you need anything at the mall? Cosmetics? Undies? Soft Pretzel? We're going to go see if the food court has any good brunch food. They probably do, right?


This week we instantiate the very nature of the universe, first in abstract concepts, then in the physical world. We do math with beads! It’s abacuses, this week on Encyclopedia Brunch.

  • The Lucas Brothers Moving Co. had this real fun bit about food truck puns we think you’d like.
  • Ohoho, but wasn’t this a fun comercial?
  • Want to be an Abacus expert just like us? Please enjoy Abacus: Mystery of the Bead
  • So Kathryn gives a mysterious vague description about how her website was just a project of her learning about women and their place in world in a real unhealthy way. To be a bit more direct there, she couldn’t have put it better than this Reddit Post.
  • Ducks!


Good morning! Thanks for coming over for breakfast. What grain would you like? Toast? Bagel? English muffin?


Hey, be honest. How's our breath? Find out on this week's exciting episode on Toothpaste!

  • Let's all take a moment to marvel at Misha Collin's creative brand of generosity via his annual scavenger hunt for charity. Just like, what a cool dude.
  • Take a note from broadway smash musical Hamilton and Take a Break.
  • Our episode on Soap seems like a natural companion for our topic this week, don't you agree?
  • Candy Toothpaste! They made it! How could that not be super gross?

Army Men
Army Men

Suit up soldier! We're talking about army men this week, and we need you on the front lines.

  • Jack Kirby is the guy we can thank for Superman.
  • Do you like really uncomfortable films? Check out Dogtooth), which is about crazy parents who teach their children the wrong names for things for some unclear reasons, and then it gets weird.
  • Wanna burn an hour? Check out Spurious Correlations.
  • You can steal our website! It's on github.
  • Warhammer... ick.
  • Bullet points are fun!
  • You can ask us more about our bullet point thoughts, opinions, hopes, and dreams on twitter @wholikesbrunch!
  • So I guess they were running out of things to build videogames around when they made this one...

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