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One night in Bangkok.

  • The En Passant is super confusing.  If we did a bad job, this is a video.  This is another video.
  • For those who aren't hip to the games these kids are playing and their fancy lingo:
    • OP means "over powered" or that an element, mechanic, character, whatever is so strong that its usage is ruining the game.
    • Nerf is when the developers of a game make something much less powerful. (As in replacing a hard leather football with a nerf football)
  • I dunno, Magnus Carlsen: Hot Or Not?

Immortals - Short
Immortals - Short

What are you gonna do with all that eternal life you have? Why not listen to this podcast?

Grocery Store Video Rack
Grocery Store Video Rack

You know when you go to the grocery store and you run into that video rack, and you wonder to yourself "Why do they sell videos in a grocery store?"  We don't have any answers, but we're here to wonder with you.

  • Interior Design
  • Twitch is a place you go to watch other people play video games. I'm just as perplexed as you!
  • Tim and Kathryn agree.  Diddy Kong Racing is pretty much as great as it gets.
  • Speed Racer was an anime about an entire family that helped their son be a race car driver.  Their last name is Racer, and his name is Speed.  So I guess destiny?  The movie was a super colorful joyride.
  • En Passants be crazy


This week, we're talking about dandelions! Don't blow us off.  BAD PUN.

  • Red Wall was CRAZY LONG guys.
  • Kathryn has read exactly 2 books in the past year.  They were both great!
    • Among Others by Jo Walton  (Mentioned here for positive portrayals of Welsh culture.  Looking at you Red Wall...)
    • Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie
  • Go back in time!  Enjoy the hedgehog show and learn all about why they're maybe not a great pet.  There's also a graph!
  • Spark Notes confirms that if you rub a dandelion under your chin and the yellow pigment does not rub onto you, as did Montag in Fahrenheit 451, it will tell you that you are not in love.
  • Here's how you make one of those paper fortune tellers!

Short: The Dancer Emoji
Short: The Dancer Emoji

We once again prove that this podcast is not set in the town from Footloose as we brazenly talk about dancing and, more specifically, the "Dancer" emoji, available on many fine mobile phones. Both an elegant lady and a street-smart hustler, The Dancer is pretty much a self-contained crime team.

  • See here for examples of the many disparate ways this emoji is rendered.

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